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9-Step Process from idea to final product


1. Discovery Phase


During our initial consultation, we’ll establish your current and future objectives and set the scope of work, timeline, and budget. We will walk you through an example of what our typical project proposal looks like and finally, we will discuss next steps.


Get personal proposal

Price breakdown

Define project scope

Project timeline


2. Branding Workshop


It's not what you say about youself, it's what they say about you. Our job is to make sure you are aware about what your company stands for, who are the right customers for you and in what way you want to stand out from the crowd.


Brand Narrative

Brand Heart & Tone of voice

Brand and marketing positioning

User Journey

Logo & Print material


3. Web Workshop

We combine storytelling and utility to help people understand your brand. Together we will discover yours strategic goals, architecture, content and explore some different visual languages.



Business goals, content architecture and structure

User personas

UX journey

Website Sitemap


4. Copywriting

If writing inspiring words that sell is not your thing - do not worry, we will take care of the copywriting for your website. This is an important aspect that needs to be considered when building the website because the copy is what makes people trust you and buy from your website.



Structured information

Copy that drives action

Easy navigation for customers

Finding the best words for your services


5. Photo Shoot & Content Creation

A good website needs good visial elements. That's why we offer our clients a professional photo shoot with a photographer and a stylist that know how to present the product/service in the best way possible. After that, the photos and videos are being edited and added to the design of the website.



Visual identity





6. Web Design

When we all agree on the structure, it is time to make everything more beautiful and colorful. We create your desired visual direction which we discussed in our Strategy Session and align everything with the modern web standards.



Implementation of the brand identity

Fully custom design

Responsive design made for 5 devices


7. Web Development

Once we have the final design approved, it is time for the development. Following the latest web technology trends, we will develop your website and optimize it for all devices bringing you the best user experience possible.



Domain And Hosting set-up

Full Webflow/WordPress Development and editor set-up

Necessary integration

Basic on-page SEO


8. Quality Assurance & Testing

When the design and development of your website are finished, our Quality Assurance Specialist makes sure that the overall project scope meets the requirements by goes through every section of website - checking if there are mistakes that need to be corrected or bugs that need to be fixed.



Cross-browser tests

Responsive tests

Broken link checks

Accessibility tests


9. Post-Launch Support

Now, the new website is live and running but let us take care of it so you focus on other important aspects of your business. We will make sure that the new website is secured, smoothly running and up-to-date. Also we can assist with hosting, web transfers and more.



Website training for future updates and use

Content updates

Marketing materials

Digital marketing campaign

We Got You Covered At Every Stage Of The Project .

Transparency Of
The Whole Process

We have developed a process which shows you our whole communication, project materials and progress so you know what is happening with your project all the time. Also we made it easy to cooperate and share files.

Clear Deadlines

At every stage in the process you will see when everything will be ready. Keep in mind in some stages we need information from you, so the quicker you provide it to us, the faster you will have your project ready.

See What We
Are Working On

We provide you with information with all the sub-tasks we are working on, so you know better at which stage we are at. Also you will learn a lot from the process since you will know how we solve each problem.

All The Information Stored In One Place

Collaborate with us and see all of your project assets, progress and communication - all in one place. Everything is done in Notion where we have developed all of our creative and web systems.

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