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Custom Figma website templates thumbnail

15 Best Figma Website Templates To Get Inspired From in 2024

March 11, 2024
Time reading
7 min
Table of contents

In the age of instant gratification, attention spans are shorter than a tweet. First impressions online are crucial, and your website is your shop window on the digital high street. Figma's templates can be the secret weapon you need to grab attention and turn that virtual window into an engaging story that converts. But remember, they're just the starting point, not the magic bullet!

1. MNTN Landing Page

MNTN Landing Page screenshot
Creator: Kryston Schwarze

Let's be honest, everyone loves a good adventure, and MNTN captures that perfectly. It's like a visual hike through stunning landscapes, ideal for any brand that wants to channel its inner explorer. Think Patagonia meets modern design – rugged yet refined, perfect for grabbing attention without feeling like you're forcing it.

2. Sølve Ecommerce & Shop Website Webflow Template

Screenshot of Solve website template
Creator: Pawel Gola

Sølve isn't just another pretty face (well, it is, but hear us out!). This e-commerce template is like a digital shopping spree for your customers, guiding them seamlessly through your products with a clean layout and a color palette that's pleasing to the eye (and the wallet, hopefully).

3. Visual portfolio template

Screenshot of visual portfolio Figma website template
Creator: iker

Calling all artists, designers, and anyone else who creates magic with pixels or paints! This template is your blank canvas, ready to showcase your work in all its glory. It's clean, responsive, and lets your portfolio be the star of the show. No more fighting with clunky layouts – just upload your best work and watch the compliments roll in.

4. Landing Page UI — Travel & Tours Agency

Screenshot of Landing page UI Figma website wireframe
Creator: Shamir

This travel agency template is like a one-way ticket to the heart of your clientele with a design that makes their next trip irresistible and easy to book. It’s the perfect digital travel brochure, minus the cheesy stock photos and bad puns (although, who am we to judge those?). 

5. Chloe Laurent: Photography Website Template

Figma website template Chloe Laurent
Creator: Maurri Koné

Let's face it, sometimes a picture really is worth more than a blog post (especially if you're short on time, like us). This template ensures that each image receives the spotlight it truly deserves, letting your photos tell the story and truly embody the power of a thousand words.

6. iPhone 14 Pro Mockups

Figma webite template  - iphone 14 pro
Creator: Osama Eldrieny

Stay ahead of the curve and ditch the design guesswork with these iPhone 14 Pro mockups. This Figma template injects your design process with a dose of realism, ensuring your digital mock-ups look as stunning as they will on the latest device.

7. Plant Shop App

Figma Website Template - Plant shop app
Creator: Aleksandr Volodkovich

Plant Shop App template is like a virtual oasis for all things botanical, offering a peaceful and user-friendly experience for browsing and buying plants. Imagine calming colors, clean lines, and enough white space to make even the most stressed-out city dweller breathe a sigh of relief.

8. Restaurant Website — Webflow Landing Page Design

Figma website Template
Creator: Webflow

This restaurant website template is like a digital feast for the eyes and the stomach. Mouthwatering images and a layout that's as easy to navigate as a well-designed menu will have your customers salivating and booking reservations in no time.

9. Wedding Planner

Figma website template - Wedding planer
Creator: Peterdraw

Every fairy tale wedding deserves its digital stage, and this template does just that – and more. For the bride or groom to-be, it's a storybook come to life, with every detail beautifully laid out for their special day.

10. Personal Portfolio Web Template

Figma website template - Personal portfolio
Creator: Zubaear

Your personal brand deserves to shine as bright as you do, and this template is the perfect platform. It tells the world who you are and what you can do, all in one scroll-friendly page. Think clean design, professional vibes, and a touch of personality – all the ingredients you need to make a lasting impression.

11. Social Media Instagram Puzzle Template — Coffee Theme

Figma website template - coffee theme
Creator: Syahrul Munir (msyahrulm)

Who doesn't love a good Instagram aesthetic? This coffee-themed template is like a caffeine shot for your social media presence.

12. Sleepify — Sleep Tracker App UI Kit

Figma website temlate - Sleepify
Creator: Sobakhul Munir Siroj

In a world that never sleeps, the Sleepify UI Kit is an oasis that makes monitoring your Zs a zen experience. The simplicity and warmth of the design ease you into the most natural and rewarding of human activities.

13. Interior Design Webflow Website Template

Figma website template - Interior Design Webflow
Creator: VictorFlow

Let's face it, explaining your design vision to clients can be tricky. This interior design template is like a magic decoder ring, translating your ideas into stunning visuals that clients can actually understand. They can finally see their dream living room (or kitchen, or bathroom...) come to life before a single hammer even hits a nail.

14. Fashion Store Landing Page Design

Figma website template - fashion store
Creator: Royal Reza

Step onto the runway even before you open your e-store with this stylish landing page. It’s a design that amplifies anticipation and beckons fashionistas to explore your offerings with a polished, runway-ready aesthetic.

15. Portfolio template

Figma website template - portfolio template
Creator: Anima

This portfolio template is like a masterclass in minimalism, putting your work front and center without any unnecessary clutter. It's perfect for detail-oriented professionals who want their work to speak for itself. Remember, a portfolio is your chance to showcase your skills and creativity, so let your work do the talking.

Final Words

The key is to remember, a template is just a starting point, not the finish line. 

Use it right, and it’s a fantastic way to jumpstart your creative process and build a strong foundation. Use it wrong, and you end up with a website that looks like a million others.

Get creative, add your own unique flavor, and sprinkle in some personality. That's what makes your website truly shine and turns it into an engaging story, not just another pretty face in the crowd. After all, in this digital world, standing out is the only way to get noticed!

Need some help with leveling up your online presence? Or maybe struggling with converting Figma to Webflow? Here at Creative Corner, we're not your average bunch of design robots. Think of us as your website's personal stylists, brand therapists, and all-around digital cheerleaders. We'll help you craft a website that not only looks stunning but also captures hearts (and clicks).

Contact us today and let’s do some magic together!


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Still have questions? Find answers here.

What is the best design system in Figma?

There isn't a single "best" design system in Figma, as the best option depends on your project's needs. Popular choices include Ant Design System for a React-based workflow or Preline UI for Tailwind CSS.

Are there Figma templates for free?

Figma offers many free resources, including design system templates from companies like Spotify and GitLab. You can also find free UI kits and templates from design communities.

Does Figma have premade templates?

Yes, Figma has a library of pre-made templates for various purposes, like mobile apps, presentations, and social media graphics. These can be a great starting point to accelerate your design process.

What is FigJam vs Figma?

FigJam is a collaborative whiteboard tool within Figma. It allows teams to brainstorm, workshop ideas, and iterate on designs in real-time. While Figma focuses on design and prototyping, FigJam complements it with creative exploration.

Is Figma still the best?

Figma remains a top choice for UI/UX design due to its ease of use, collaborative features, and vast plugin ecosystem. However, other design tools are constantly evolving, so it's always good to explore alternatives based on your specific needs.