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Website scroll animations text on purple background Thumbnail

15 Website Scroll Animations for a Captivating Experience

December 22, 2023
Time reading
7 min
Table of contents

In the realm of web design trends come and go like the changing seasons. Yet, one element has captured everyone’s attention: scrolling animations. They aren't about adding a touch of visual flair. They have the power to elevate the user experience (UX) to new heights. 

Website Scroll Animation - What Exactly is it?

A scroll animation is a visual element that appears on a website as a user scrolls down the page. It can take various forms, such as moving elements, fading effects, color, shape, or size changes, and more. 

Whether you are conveying a sense of elegance, excitement, or tranquility, scrolling animations can seamlessly integrate with your website's overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive and unforgettable experience. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination

Why Use Website Scroll Animation?

Scroll animations serve several purposes:

  • Engage users

Animations can grab attention and make your website stand out from the crowd.

  • Enhance Engagement

Animations can keep users engaged and make them want to explore your website further.

  • Guide User Flow

Animations can subtly guide users through the website, directing them toward key elements or calls to action.

  • Create a Memorable Experience

Animations can leave a lasting impression on users, making them more likely to remember your website.

Website Scroll Animation - What Makes Them Truly Great?

Not all scroll animations are created equal. To stand out and achieve their full potential, they should adhere to certain principles:

  • Balance - The animation should be visually appealing without overwhelming or distracting the user.
  • Clarity - Users should not have to decipher the animation's purpose or meaning.
  • Context - The animation should not feel out of place or jarring.
  • Responsiveness - The animation should look and function across all platforms.

After getting familiar with the different website scroll animations, you can also take a look at our article about the best Webflow website examples.

15 Inspiring Website Scroll Animations - Examples:

To illustrate the effectiveness of scroll animations, here are 15 examples of websites that utilize them brilliantly:

1. Albertin

Albertin website scroll animation screenshot
Source: Albertin

We're proud to include a website from our won portfolio on this list! Well, we had to, right? Albertin Designs’ website is the perfect example of how scrolling animations can make a website truly captivating and user-friendly. We're not trying to brag or anything, but we think we've really nailed it with this one. Having a website designed and developed by a professional Webflow agency can relly capture your visitors attention.

2. Kubrick

Kubrick website scroll animation screenshot of website
Source: Kubrick

The website transports viewers into the story of Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest and most influential directors in cinematic history. The evocative animations bring his movies to life in a way that we never thought possible. And we're pretty sure we're going to have to watch A Clockwork Orange now.


Source: NASAProspect

The NASAprospect website is a great example of how to use scrolling animations to educate and inform visitors. Its UX makes you feel you’re right there in the cosmos, exploring the wonders of the universe. Or at least, that's what we like to think.


Screenshot of Twinbru's website
Source: Twinbru

Twinbru's website is a breath of fresh air, with playful and lighthearted animations that perfectly complement the brand's identity. We especially like the way the colors of the animations are used to create a sense of vibrancy.

5. Home Société

screenshot of Home Societe's website scroll animation
Source: Home Société

It's like the website is whispering, "Hey, it's not just an average website. This is something special.” And we think it really is. HS’ website is a great example of how scrolling animations can be used to create a sense of sophistication and luxury.

6. Porsche

Porche website scroll animation screenshot
Source: PORCHEvolution

This website is trying to give you a taste of what driving a Porsche is like, with animations that perfectly capture the spirit of these high-performance machines. And yes, that experience is truly extraordinary. 

7. Fillet

Screenshot of Fillet website scroll animation
Source: Fillet

Fillet is a digital agency that's always pushing the boundaries, and its website is a great example of that. As you scroll through the pages, you'll be greeted with a series of captivating animations that keep you engaged and wanting more. 

8. The White Tower

The white tower website screenshot
Source: The White Tower

The website's scroll-triggered animations are so captivating, that they transport visitors into the virtual realm of the White Tower, allowing them to experience its history and significance firsthand. The creators' ambition extended beyond mere coolness, as they crafted a VR version that literally puts you there.

9. Pitchfork - Bat for Lashes

Screenshot of Pitchfork's Landing page - Glitter in the Dark
Source: Pitchfork - Bat for Lashes

Pitchfork's latest cover story on Bat for Lashes is a masterclass in immersive storytelling. With each scroll, the article unfolds like a captivating digital landscape, transforming an ordinary online article into an interactive experience.

10. Nolan Omura

Nolan Omura website scroll animation screenshot
Source: Nolan Omura

We love the way Nolan Omura’s website’s background images move independently of the foreground content, which creates a sense of depth and dimension. It's like the website is a window to the deep ocean, which is pretty cool, if you ask us.

11. Prevint

Prevint website scroll animation screenshot
Source: Prevint

The Prevint website masterfully blends simplicity and storytelling, utilizing scroll-triggered animations to elevate the narrative without compromising clarity or substance. It's a refreshingly straightforward approach that showcases the power of visual storytelling without becoming overly complex.

12. Sleepiest

Sleepiest Website scroll animation screenshot
Source: Sleepiest

The website's overall design is a delightful blend of playfulness and functionality. The colors and playful graphics add a touch of childlike wonder, making the website feel like an invitation to let go and embrace a sense of fun.

13. Apple - AirPods Max Landing Page

Apple AirPods Max Landing page screenshot
Source: Apple AirPods Max

Apple's website is a masterclass in scroll animation, using elegant transitions to guide users through the product lineup. It combines parallax scrolling, reveal animations, and morphing animations to create a dynamic and visually appealing experience.

14. Verholy Relax Park

Verholy Relax Park website scrol animation screenshot
Source: Verholy Relax Park

The Verholy Relax Park’s website uses scrolling animations to transport visitors into their dream sanctuary. The more we scroll, the more vividly we imagine ourselves escaping the hustle and bustle of life and embracing the serenity that awaits there.

15. Home Abroad

Screenshot of HomeAbroad Website scroll animation
Source: HomeAbroad

Our website for Home Abroad is a testament that less is more, with calming and inviting animations that enhance the website's overall appeal. We've sprinkled in a dash of subtle animation magic to make you want to ditch your couch and explore the wonders of Cyprus!

Closing The Topic On Website Scroll Animations

Remember, balance, clarity, context, and responsiveness are key ingredients. Take inspiration from the examples we've shared and unleash your creative spark. But don't just settle for generic animations that you can find anywhere!

If you need help, we're here to guide you through every step, from concept to creation. Partner with us and let’s take your website to the next level!


This is Andrey. He can answer all of your questions that you haven't found answers to on this page. Just click the button below to book a meeting with him.

Still have questions? Find answers here.

What is a website scroll animation?

Scroll animations elevate websites from static pages to interactive experiences, breathing life into the digital landscape. These visual cues seamlessly guide users' attention, transforming ordinary browsing into an enthralling journey. Subtle transitions like fading menus or sliding elements create a sense of fluidity and anticipation, enticing users to explore further. Interactive elements like reveal animations sparked by clicks engage users, encouraging them to delve deeper into the website's offerings. Animated backgrounds, like morphing images, add a layer of dynamism and storytelling, complementing the website's theme and captivating the user's imagination.

What is sticky scrolling?

Sticky scrolling is a technique that keeps a particular section of a website fixed in place as the user scrolls down the page. This can be useful for elements that the user needs to access frequently, such as a navigation bar or a call-to-action button.

What is snap scrolling?

Snap scrolling is a type of scrolling that creates a more user-friendly experience by making it feel like the page is "snapping" to each section as the user scrolls down. This can be achieved by using CSS animations to gradually move the page between sections.

What is creative scrolling?

Creative scrolling is a more experimental type of scrolling that uses unconventional techniques to enhance the user experience. For example, a website might use parallax scrolling to create a three-dimensional effect, or it might use scroll-triggered animations to reveal hidden content.

What is a scroll trigger?

A scroll trigger is a CSS or JavaScript selector that is used to trigger an animation based on the user's scroll position. This can be used to create animations that are triggered when the user scrolls to a specific section of the page.