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How We helped Blesscent to plan, prepare, design and develop their new e-commerce website from scratch and represent luxury feeling for their brand

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  • Photo Shoot
  • Copywriting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web design
  • Development
  • Boutique Shops
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The Challenge

Blesscent came to us a new brand which wanted to enter in an extremely competitive candle market. The brand was created by a famous influencer Antoanet Peppe and they wanted to really show off with a style.

The main challenge was to differentiate their brand from the competition. The positioning of the brand had to really look premium on the web and on the packaging.

The Solution

With Blesscent we invest a lot of time and effort to produce a lot of content and high quality images for the website. Before everything we made a strategy of their website structure and what visuals would we need and what animation can we add to make it even more premium.

We work with our own photographers and stylists to prepare everything and provide us with the desired imagery we planned on the web strategy

The Result

We created Blesscent with a lot of effort and love to our clients and friends who now have a website that is authentic, professional and really looks premium. They helped a lot through the process with the content the provide for the website.

Philip Stoyanov Co-Founder - Blesscent

Philip Stoyanov

Co-Founder - Blesscent

A great team that manages to understand the business and present the idea in an amazing way. Thank you for the efforts The end deliverables received incredible feedback from customers. It was east to navigate with a fast and user-friendly cash-out process. Creative Corner's project management was very smooth, seamlessly communicating and delivering solution on time quality work. I would not hesitate to recommend you and I hope we have many years of cooperation and more projects in the future.

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