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Cover Website Footers

17 Best Website Footer Examples That Get Results

June 20, 2024
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Website footers are those quiet achievers that hold everything together at the bottom of the page. And believe us (having seen some footers that resemble digital black holes), we can tell you a good one makes all the difference.

What is a Website Footer and Why Should You Care?

A website footer is a section at the bottom of a webpage that typically contains important links, information, and sometimes a bit of personality. And just because it’s at the bottom doesn't mean it’s not important!

Why Do You Need A Website Footer?

So, why should you care about this often-ignored section? 

  • A well-designed footer acts like a handy roadmap, pointing users towards important pages they might have missed. 
  • Search engines love organized websites, and footers can help you get there by providing a clear structure for your content. 
  • A good footer can keep visitors hanging around longer. Think social media links, recent blog posts, or even a captivating "About us" blurb to spark their curiosity.

Just think of the footer as your website's closing argument – a final chance to leave a lasting impression.

What Should Be On The Footer Of A Website?

Here are the elements you should consider including in your website footer (remember, there's always room for creative flair!):

Element Definition Benefit
Copyright A statement that declares your ownership of the content and design on your site Protects your intellectual property and adds a layer of professionalism
Terms of Service Legalese outlines the rules visitors agree to by using your site Keeps you legally covered and sets clear expectations
Contact Information Your email, phone number, or a contact form link Makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with you
Address and Business Hours Your physical location and working hours Useful for local SEO and gives a sense of credibility
Social Media Buttons Icons linking to your social media profiles Encourages social engagement and gives visitors another way to connect with you
Search Box An input field for searching your site Improves site usability
Descriptio A brief about-us blurb or mission statement Adds a personal touch and helps with branding
Subscription Option An invitation to join your newsletter or mailing list Grows your audience and keeps them engaged
Sitemap A list of all the pages on your site Helps with SEO and makes your site easier to navigate

Remember, these are just building blocks! The key is to choose the elements that best serve your users and website's goals, all while keeping the design clean and functional.

17 Website Footer Examples 

We've preached the importance of a website footer, but sometimes seeing is believing.  

Get ready to be inspired by 17 websites that absolutely dominate the design game. We're talking creative layouts, user-friendly features, and a sprinkle of brand personality that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

1. Eastek

Screenshot of websitefooter of Eastek

B2B websites can sometimes feel as dry as a dusty instruction manual, but Eastek's website proves that informative can also be engaging. 

Why we love it
We might be a bit biased (okay, definitely biased), but Eastek’s footer is a product of our finest work. It’s functional, informative, and aligns perfectly with the brand’s image. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for this one!

2. Patagonia

Screenshot of websitefooter of Patagonia

Patagonia's website is like a well-worn backpack – familiar, functional, and ready for adventure. Their footer reflects this perfectly. It's not fancy, but it has everything you need, exactly where you expect it.  

Why we love it
As designers, we appreciate the clean layout and comprehensive links. But what truly makes it shine is the subtle inclusion of their environmental efforts. Now that's putting your values front and center – and making it easy for users to get 

3. Mom and Popcorn

Screenshot of websitefooter of mom and popcorn

Mom and Popcorn's website is a sugar rush for the eyes. Their playful footer perfectly complements the vintage aesthetic, and the whimsical font adds a delightful touch without compromising clarity.  

Why we love it
The quick-access links add a user-friendly touch that keeps you from getting lost in a sea of snacky goodness.

4. Oreo

Screenshot of websitefooter of Oreo

Oreo's website is a playful and delicious tribute to their iconic cookie. The footer is no exception.

Why we love it:
What’s not to love? This footer is a masterclass in how to maintain a brand’s playful identity without compromising on usability. 

5. Period Aisle

Screenshot of website footer Period Aisle

Period Aisle's website is a breath of fresh air – modern, inclusive, and informative. Their footer reflects this commitment to clarity. It's packed with essential resources, from FAQs to social media links, all presented in a clean and organized way. 

Why we love it
This footer is a winner because of its clarity and user-centric design. The commitment to accessibility and sustainability shines through, reflecting their brand values even in the smallest details.

6. Creative Milkshake

Screenshot of website footer of Creative Milkshake

Creative Milkshake’s site is a feast for the creative soul, bursting with vibrant visuals. The footer doesn’t skimp on the creativity either, blending functional links with a splash of artistic flair.

Why we love it
It is a great reminder that even footers can be canvas for brand personality.

7. Hook Agency

Screenshot of website footer of Hook Agency

Hook Agency's website is all business, and their footer reflects that perfectly. What truly stands out for us are the prominent calls to action, as they show a proactive approach to user engagement.

Why we love it
We appreciate Hook Agency’s no-nonsense approach to their footer – something we can all learn from. 

8. Wood Offerman Shop

Screenshot of website footer of Wood Offerman Shop

Wood Offerman Shop’s site is combining rustic charm with modern e-commerce functionality, and the footer is a well-crafted piece of the puzzle. Plus, the subtle newsletter signup ensures users stay connected without feeling pressured.

Why we love it
If Nick Offerman himself designed footers, we’re pretty sure this would be it.

9. IOTA Creative Agency

Screenshot of website footer of IOTA

IOTA Creative Agency's website throws a visual party with unexpected layouts. Their footer is an organic extension of their creative energy. 

Why we love it
While it might seem chaotic at first glance, a closer look reveals a surprisingly organized structure. IOTA understands that sometimes, a little organized chaos can be the most captivating way to deliver information.

10. Zero Studios

Screenshot of website footer of Zero Studios

Zero Studios chose a minimalist layout that highlights their portfolio. The footer continues this aesthetic, offering a stark yet functional area for navigation and information.

Why we love it
It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of overcomplicated designs, perfectly aligning with their brand’s creative ethos.

11. RCA Records

Screenshot of website footer of RCA Records

RCA Records’ site is as iconic as the artists they represent. The footer acts as a solid anchor, loaded with industry-relevant links and easy navigation.

Why we love it
The clean layout ensures that users can easily find what they’re looking for without fuss.

12. Albertin Design

Screenshot of website footer of Albertin

We designed the entire site, and yes, that includes the footer – a sleek and elegant conclusion to each page, with a clean layout and elegant typography.

Why we love it
This one’s a personal favorite of ours. It’s stylish yet practical, providing all the necessary links without breaking the creative spell.

13. Apple

Screenshot of website footer of Apple

Apple's website is the gold standard for user experience, and their footer is no exception. It keeps users connected to every corner of the Apple ecosystem. 

Why we love it
As designers, we admire the extensive yet uncluttered design. This footer prooves that simplicity can be incredibly powerful.

14. McCann Paris

Screenshot of website footer of McCann Paris

McCann Paris’ website showcases their prowess in integrated communication. The footer is stylish and functional, providing all the essential links without sacrificing aesthetics.

Why We Love This Example
It's a footer that proves you can have both style and substance.

15. House Number 3

Screenshot of website footer of House Number 3

House Number 3 Restaurant's website is like a virtual invitation to a delicious meal. Their footer extends that warm welcome right down to the bottom of the page. For those eager to experience the restaurant in person, the footer also includes a location map.

Why we love it
We appreciate how this footer extends the restaurant’s hospitable atmosphere online.

16. Matso’s

Screenshot of website footer of Matso

Matso's website is as vibrant and energetic as their famous ginger beer. Their footer perfectly complements this lively spirit.

Why we love it
This is a great example of how to inject personality into every part of your website.

17. 1500 dog gang

Screenshot of website footer of 1500 Dog gang

The 1500 Dog Gang website is bursting with energy and charm. The footer is packed with personality, much like the rest of it. 

Why we love it
As dog lovers and designers, this project was a double win for us. Its footer proves that even the smallest part of a website can have a big impact, especially when dogs are involved. High fives (or should we say high paws?) all around!

Final words

This blog post has been all about the power of a well-designed footer, as we explored the essential elements, showcased some stellar examples, and hopefully sparked some creative inspiration. The takeaway? Don't underestimate its power!

A great footer isn't just about aesthetics – it's about user experience, brand personality, and leaving a lasting impression. So, next time you're crafting your website, give your footer the attention it deserves. It might just surprise you with its potential.

P.S. If you need some help making your website a masterpiece from top to bottom – well, you know where to find us!


This is Andrey. He can answer all of your questions that you haven't found answers to on this page. Just click the button below to book a meeting with him.

Still have questions? Find answers here.

What should be in the footer of a website?

A website footer should provide essential information like copyright, contact details, and legal links (privacy policy, terms). You can also include social media links, a sitemap, or a newsletter signup for additional functionality.

What is the best footer for SEO?

Aim for a mobile-friendly footer with relevant links (like a sitemap) included naturally. Avoid keyword stuffing and prioritize a user-friendly experience.

How big should a footer be on a website?

There's no one-size-fits-all, but your footer should be big enough to comfortably hold its content without pushing the main content of your webpage unnaturally high. Strike a balance between usability and aesthetics.

Should a website always have a footer?

Yes, footers are important for both user experience and functionality. They provide valuable information and a clear navigation structure for visitors.

What is footer format?

Footers typically use horizontal sections with clear labels for each area (e.g., "Contact," "Social"). The overall design should complement your website's style for a cohesive look and feel.